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Scrambled is a game based tutoring system for language learning. We work based on the assumption that before you can truly learn a language you need to understand the sounds. This is the reason why ‘Scrambled Sounds’ is the first of its kind. It lays the foundation for reading and writing in the language of your choice, be it your mother tongue, new language, or one you have been struggling with learning for years. ‘Scrambled Sounds’ will help you learn the sounds of the letters and how to blend them together into words, so that any language books or software can be used for continued learning.

Our Mission

The mission of Scramble Sounds is to increase global literacy rate by identifying people with language disorders, provide information on the disorder and aid in treatment and management of disorders.

Our Vission

To enable every person to read, write, and learn any language they choose.


History Scrambled got its start in summer 2013, when Nicole Trapp (the founder) began to have trouble again with her language disorder and decided it was time to do something about it. She started her research that led to Scrambled Sounds, the first set of games form Scrambled